Temple Run
Version: 1.0.0
Temple Run is at present the most fire Run cool games, now he finally landed in Android platform, and that you won't choose to miss!
In the end of each how would adventure, always have a scenario: the hero eventually get treasure, but had to trap in a maze heroes flee the handsome. The Temple Run "is such a scene. This game is very interesting.
The best-selling game works of the Harbor Master designer and launched the App Store of the most exciting run cool games. Over the old temple walls, climbed up the cliffs, tested your reaction force. His swing turn, jumping, sliding avoid obstacles, collecting COINS, buy energy, see how far you can go!
The game features 】
-simple touch sliding control movement and the tilt about role control direction, easy to play;
-can upgrade role, crazy increased energy
-original 3 D run cool robot, turn, jumping, sliding, the tilt a variety of action--unprecedented, have one after.
-to five different role into the game!
-game center published list and success, and let friends
-fun, let you can't help thinking of it once again!

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