Metal Gun - Blood War
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: Long history in the 21st century, our manager numerous interplanetary war, in the face of a powerful enemy we have experienced countless times arduous battle, and ultimately we take a victory to defend their homes.
However, due to the Earth's rich natural resources are always cited militants peep. So this time aliens composition of the coalition forces to the Earth in a marching ready to carve up the earth's resources. An the mechanized infantry Executive, of the original Starship Troopers back behind the serious neck injury treatment, rehabilitation following head completely unconscious. Decided to participate in the strong sad case of a body transformation projects, is the only example of success. Enabled period a super destructive capability and original infantry skills and has not been sleeping since. This is wake up until today, the Earth is facing the most difficult moment needs a hero deep behind enemy lines to destroy the enemy's protection measures to re-join the fight.

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