Carrot Fantasy
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: CarrotFantasy has officially come on Android!!
This is a beautifully packaged, adorable Tower Defense game~~!!!
Easy to pick up for all ages and hard to put down!
Your mission is to protect the adorable carrot from monsters who want to eat it~~
The tutorial takes you from novice to expert in 5 seconds!!
With more than 10 million downloads in just a hundred days in iPhone App Store, the game has topped the charts across more than 70 countries, ranking in the top 10 games of all time, the top 5 games in the Asia Pacific and the top 25 games of the 43 countries in Europe and North America. With 101 countries globally giving it top billing, you do yourself no favours if you don't try it!!
Game Highlights: 
* 48 Levels ,3 Lovely Crafted Themes(Sky、Forest、Desert)
* 9 Extreme Levels For Challenge!
* 12 Levels For Boss Mode,Full Funny and Surprise for Challenge,Unique!
* 14 Cute Unique Towers(Bottle、Sun、Shit、Flower Tower…,They are waiting for you to discover them.)
* Gorgeously Crafted Obstacles And More Secrets Waiting For You ~!
* More Than 30 Funny Monsters! Woowala、Pinky Ninja 、Twisty Fork……* 
*100+ Funny sound Effects! Different Sound Effects for each monsters and tower. the sound came from sky、jungle and desert.
* Only 15-25 waves Monsters In Each Level,Short Time and Easy! 
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