Bert On Mars
Requirements: 2.1+
Overview: While still on his journey to find his lost parents in the big wide universe, Bert was flying his shiny little spaceship, pondering on when he’ll get to see his beloved family again.
Since his last adventure, Bert has learned a lot on how to escape life-threatening situations and to overcome dangerous obstacles. But sometimes, it’s the little things that are hardest to avoid and that tend to change your plans; A small distraction, an excepted encounter and some bad decision making is all you need to get yourself in trouble.
This time, Bert finds himself on Mars - a home to new and even creepier creatures than Bert has ever seen before. To win, Bert must find the Bertinator in him and FIGHT these aliens…so will you help him out?
Get your shiny power suit on and help Bertinator shoot them all up!
How to play?
• Use the joystick to move Double tap a direction to dash
• Press the jump button to jump
• Hold or double tap the jump button to glide
• Tap on the fire button to shoot
• Tap the fire button while jumping to shoot and jump at the same time
• 8 enemy types (Bouncer, Splitter, Walker, Marine Walker, GeorgeCrab, EyeRobot, Brains, Droid)
• 20 different cool levels
• 20 challenging missions awarding you with additional coins 
• Stars system to make the game more interesting
• Innovative Combo system

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