Clone Camera v1.2
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: Do you want to produce interesting photos where several of me appear?
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Do you want to produce interesting photos where several of me appear? 
Clone Camera enables you to produce easy and perfect clone photo on your smart phone. 
Guide system helps you frame a photo more easily than any other apps and synthesize photos most stably and perfectly. The quality of the results of Clone Camera overwhelm other app’s outcome. 
1 Guide for shooting with afterimages 
2 Self-timer function that can perform multi-shot with 4 times 
3 The camera shake correction function 
4 27 different high-quality photo filters 
5 Support high-resolution image 
6 Support Instagrams, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr 
1 Shoot 2 to 4 photos 
2 Mark on the part you want to synthesize by drawing with your finger. 
3 Synthesize. 
4 Apply a variety of filters, or insert letters 
5 Store in the camera or share on various social network services.

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