TSF Shell Perfect
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: Perfect Theme HD for TSF Shell launcher.
Tip, configurations used:
-The wallpaper mode is 'Center mode' (TSF>Screen>wallpaper mode).
-The density is 1.4.
Can't find the theme on TSF Shell themes menu?
If you're running Jelly Bean 4.1, this problem might happen to you.
To fix it follow this steps.
If you have a ROOTED device:
- Install the app/theme from Google Play
- Open Titanium Backup (or whatever you use to backup your apps)
- Find the TSF Shell theme that you just installed
- Run a BACKUP of this app
- Tap the app again and then RESTORE the theme (choose "App Only")
- Go back into the TSF Shell theme chooser and find the Theme!

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