Hologram Blu Go
Requirements: 2.0 and up
Overview: Hologram Blu Go Launcher Theme
Contains: 5 Wallpapers(960x800 res for galaxy s2 & others) / 4 Wallpapers(1280x720 for galaxy s3 & others) , 5 Appdrawer background, 2 Appdrawer Icons, 3 dockbar background, 100 icons (More Icons Coming Soon), Fully Customized, I put alot of work into this theme **guaranteed monthly new icons 50 per month**
New This week 10 icons: Downloads, Drop 7, Endomondo, Espn score, Field goal, Flickr, Flipboard, Fm radio, Foursquare, Go Contacts
** Applying Appdrawer Background **
1)Press Menu
2)Preferences / Visual Settings / Backgrounds
3) App drawer background / Press Go Theme Background
4) Choose Background / Done!
** Applying Dockbar Background
1)Press Menu
2)Preferences / Visual Settings / Background
3)Dock background / Press Go Theme Background
4)Choose Apply / Done!
** Force Close on Update or Force Close in General**
If you are updating the theme, it might force close, this is out of our reach, You need to 1) Wait an hour then retry to download again, 2)If that fails the fastest way is uninstall and reinstall, sorry for the inconvenience, this error is do to google play servers not our fault.
***This app only works with Go Launcher EX
***Install Go Launcher free from the market first.
***How to Apply the Theme:
1.Please Do Not open directly after it's installed.
2.In Go Launcher EX: Menu > theme preferences.
3. Choose and apply the theme.

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