Mood O'Clock Alarm
Requirements: Android 2.2+ 
Overview: Mood O'Clock is the alarm that lets you choose the morning mood you want to be woken up to and delivers an ideal soundtrack to the early moments of light, powered by Stereomood. 
Why setting just the alarm when you can set your mood too?
Each mood not only comes with matching tunes, but also with an evocative image as background. Your mood will also be sharable and appear on Facebook... so your friends know how to deal with you!
• select the mood and the time you'd like to be woken up to
• choose between eleven different moods
• every mood has its matching evocative image
• music volume control
• customizable snooze time
• built to work offline as well as backup mp3 music files are integrated into the app
• sharable morning moods on Facebook and Twitter
• if you really love a track, you can buy it on Amazon

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