Turkey Season
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: Gobble gobble gobble! Turkeys are running amuck! It’s up to you to slay these delicious deviants and reload for seconds!
Don’t let a single fiendish turkey escape your crosshairs to claim the perfect hunt and relish the biggest feast. But before you even ponder white meat or dark, you’ll need to upgrade your skills, weapon and ammo by bagging enough of those flying drumsticks.
*Lightning-fast turkey hunting - the perfect quick distraction!
*Two challenging hunts to master!
*Level-Up your skills and weapon as you improve your score!
***Improve Turkey Call to find more turkeys on your next hunt!
***Increase your ammunition for fewer reloading delays!
***Upgrade your shotgun spread and bag multiple turkeys with one shot!
***Hone your instincts with Hunter’s Eye and gain reaction time!
*Southpaws welcome with left-hand reloading option!
Get ready for frantic, addictive action in Turkey Season! Will it be feast or famine at your table?
What's new in version 1.5
*New Hunt: Holiday Home!
*Fixed: Pop-up turkeys were not clearing the score streak when they escaped

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