Tower Hero
Version: 2.1.3
This is a widely popular logic-based puzzle game, need players using the brain and eye,
very has the training significance. I think the education in China should not be
considering opening that kind of interesting game course, to exercise the children's
thinking and intelligence?
The rules of the game 
The game is the fastest speed on top target, the way need to jump gap and put a ladder
to climb.
The game play key point this how to put the ladder, the most ideal put a ladder
condition: up and down the tower and ladders and color of the color matching each other;
But as long as the player is the color of the ladder of tower the low end of the same
color can be put down the ladder. If a ladder on top color and case not consistent color
layer, players passing by will leave footprint which they possessed, if the player fuck
The game button 
According to the once A key: pick up or down (the ladder, oil),
According to two times A key: painting;
According to B key: jump up;
As a ladder design, change the color of the up and down a ladder, will deduct money and
time limit;
Players can need according to hold a different color on the lacquer bucket, to spare

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