The Spear of Destiny
Version: 2.0
The Spear of Destiny is a new into The platform of andros supersolution mystery game title, interface and luxuriant, tells The story of The game named James's treasure hunters adventure, you will follow The footsteps of James witness all sorts of wonderful things.
1860 years of British, protagonist named James, he used to be a treasure hunters, but is more failure, has been no major discovery, so he depression, dealing with wine every day, until one day, he lost his body all money, and now his family faced the fate of the street.
James must want to cheer up, one day, he happened to find a newspaper clipping, find a reward for as long as fate spear, will have 1000000 $, bonus, he felt the chance is coming. So, tidy up old garment unlined upper garment, began his last adventure.
This type of a picture of the game and other similar puzzles arose about, need you to give the extreme care who found the hidden authority and props, may play the degrees or very high.
[ note ] game contains Chinese, enter the game Language points, can choose the Language

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