Rage Of Empire
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: #1 Empire and War game!
Lead your warriors to beat the enemies, and build up your own empire!
Rage of Empire is based on the history of medieval times, where players are required to fight against enemy forces and conquer different warriors. You can recruit these warriors and collect powerful equipment for them. When you are out for a battle, formation system helps you a lot. Different formations will be performed in this simple square, and you warriors can be much more powerful with a proper formation. In the towns, you can gain food and grain which is required to ensure your warriors to be more energetic!
Game Features:
1. Great warriors with irresistible strength
There are various warriors in the game, including brave swordsmen, brilliant anchors, powerful lancers, iron knights and bloodthirsty beast troops.
2. Mysterious formations with unaccountable power
Formation System makes every part of your troop perform the best. Don't underestimate this square; your warriors can be much more powerful with a proper formation.
3. Sharp artifacts that no one can endure
Various equipment are divided into 5 ranks, Grey, Green, Blue, Purple and Red. Players should try their best to gain higher rank equipment. Armed to your teeth and make your enemy tremble!
4. Ultimate glory that waiting you to gain
Warrior Cultivation System makes your warriors much stronger. Warriors will gain EXP through training and solve various problems with overall promoted abilities.
5. Exclusive presented with featured graphics
Players would definitely love the beautiful graphics.

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