Racing Moto 3D
Requirements: 2.0.1 and up
Overview: This is a unique fast-paced 3D racing game, control your motorcycle to enjoy dusk sunset hurricane passion, you will be able to enjoy the incredible fast sense.
The game has a wealth of weapons and props, and a variety of realistic future concept motorcycle as well as the different scenes, the smooth operation of gravity sensing characteristics, Madden vivid sound effects, so you kind of new experience and pleasure. Come and more powerful than anyone else, you limit speed can reach!
1. Beautifully detailed 3D game screen, a strong visual impact;
2. Gravity sensing control, tap the screen to accelerate, and feel a strong passion for speed.
3. Over three kinds of future concept motorcycle, unique design.
4. More than four kinds of realistic gaming scenes, and the world's best music, feel chic beauty, such as bridges, cities, woods.
5. A variety of weapons systems, such as grenades, particle gun, The Wheel of Time.
6. to collect diamonds within the scene, can exchange props.
7. online ranking and standings system.
8. Optimize resources, improve efficiency, smooth operation.

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