Version: 1.1
ISlash, is to you with the least amount of times will have nowhere to cut wood cut so far.
The game will have some darts fast in the irregular movement on the block, and we want to do is avoid darts, as far as possible much cut off board. ISlash difficult but very late, we need to determine the darts flight path, fast cutting board, meanwhile, avoid other darts. If no pants to darts will again.
ISlash the upper part of the game is a root green bamboo, if the player in cutting off below after the bamboo board above will also corresponding decrease, until more than the position of the red line even if the victory. The game contains 100 close enough that you play enough, when ordinary obstacles darts has stop players, bomb darts, shifting darts is in the house, the higher the difficulty, you have to think about what Angle of cut from the best effect, the area is the largest.

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