Immortal Dusk
Version: 1.0.0
Immortal find GAMEVIL developed, and this is a from South Korea's top mobile game developers, in the number of andros platform have good role playing game on mobile phones.
If your fate is sealed up, then death is your the only salvation? Born noble you, is doomed to protect the world not be destroyed.
Through the difficult task, you will be trained very powerful, eventually you will take part in the battle of the ultimate, decide the destiny of the world. This type of PRG game wants you to kill the monster and complete the task slowly in the deep understanding of the background of the game.
Actually this kind of picture of the game is not good, even a little restore ancient ways, but the animation and the fluency is very high, the operation is very simple.
The game features
-dynamic game background: endless challenge will let you get to know more about the game;
-memorable adventure: exciting plot and various side quests, you can find and open a mysterious world;
-level 99 is just a number: the endless challenge, upgrade options and weapon custom;
-classic PRG game.

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