Conquest! Medieval Realms
Version: 1.0
Conquest! Medieval Realms is a very traditional war chess strategy game, with American
cellular case war chess as the prototype, the Lord show the game for the set from the
middle ages of the war. The game of 5 big difficulty, 3 big mode.
In this game, will with the hundred years war rose war with theme of the battle, the
player in the game will play a lords to participate in the battle, and with the computer
AI "or other players on the Lord of the operation against, players must from the rough
and tumble of seven people up to the fore, and other lords of all land conquered series.
Another enemy AI in artificial intelligence, players will be able to set five different
degree of difficulty of the level, at the same time, the game is a battlefield to
several random generation, so every time the player to play, you can get different game

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