Version: 4.4
C.H.A.O.S is a iOS platform from the transplant of air combat helicopters come kind of game. In this game, you will have the opportunity to experience different countries of the helicopter, the task is to perform a variety of tasks, to fight and win over your enemy!
The game is very good picture, and helicopters have from the United States to Russia to Europe's more section type, such as the famous AH-64 armed helicopter apachean, UH-60 hawk helicopter, KA-52 short mouth alligator is filled with science fiction colour helicopter and even the RAH-66 koeman strange helicopter, allow you to experience the most intense lifelike flight air combat game.
V4.4 update:
Game Center (for now only for Generals)
Possibility to create games with friends
Custom servers
Night map
New visual effects (rain, explosions, reflections)
Advanced options
Regional servers
Chat by regions
New ranks
New helicopters
Helicopter cockpits
New 14 medals added
Now you can get gold for achievements (ranks, medals) 

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