Flames and Skulls
Requirements: Android 2.1+ 
Flames and Skulls is an premium live wallpaper from Android Wax. Designed for the individual who wants their device to stand out, but is looking for something other than flowers, fish, and galaxy live wallpapers. Incredibly customizable flames will make your device come alive using the lastest in Open GL technology. Many dramatic skull backgrounds are included and even more can be downloaded from our website. Flames are extremely customizable with many different color combinations, sizes, color blending and more. Works on all older and newer model devices including:
Samsung Galaxy S3 and S2
Galaxy Note
Droid Razr
Droid DNA
Motorola Photon
LG Optimus
Samsung Blaze
Atrix HD 4G
Droid Incredible
Droid Rezound
Motorolla Electrify
Samsung Mesmerize
Samsung Exhibit
T-Mobile Prism
T-Moblile My Touch
Samsung Gravity
HTC Wildfire
Samsung Stratosphere
LG Spectrum
HTC Rhyme
LG Lucid
Samsung Stellar
ZTE Fury
LG Marquee
LG Viper
Samsung Galaxy Victory
LG Mach

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