Auto Respond

 Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Auto Respond to text messages when enabled
• Auto Respond to text messages when enabled
o Option to auto respond to received voice calls
o Option to auto enable when in dock or car dock
o Option to silence ringer while enabled
• Doesn’t respond to texts from Facebook or Twitter
o Ability for user to add to "Do not respond" list
• Personalized response message
• Ability to create a list of frequently used messages
o Long-press these messages to edit/delete the message
• Only sends one response per contact, per session to avoid spamming contacts
o A session is started when "Auto Respond" is enabled, and ended when it is disabled
• Permanent Notification when Auto Respond is active
o Notification also shows how many responses were sent this session
Ideas for future versions:
• Schedule for responses (useful during a daily/weekly meeting)
• Timer to automatically turn off auto respond after certain time period, or at specific time (useful while watching a movie)
• Jelly Bean style notifications (I have some ideas for things to put in the pull-down)
• Ability to change the default message
• Widgets to easily enable auto respond with a specific preset message
• Backup and restore of settings and messages
• Tabbed Settings screen
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Permissions Explained:
• Most of the SMS permissions are obvious: they're needed to check for received text messages and send a response
• READ SMS OR MMS: Needed to write the sent message to your messaging app
• READ CONTACT DATA: Used to check to see if the number being replied to is in your contact list
• READ_PHONE_STATE: Used to respond to received phone calls
As I add new features they may require additional permissions, and they will all be explained here.

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